Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Test mini, team Tunic pt 1

Sorry for the gap between posts but with the Holiday travel, New Years and the world junior hockey tournement taking....uhmm........some....... of my time, I have been a little bit busy. But today I got a bit of time and tonight had access to a camera, and so without further ado I present my first test piece for my Carthaginian army.

I painted up one of the "Citizen Hoplites" I got from Old Glory 15s, the bag came with four poses of figures two of each with tunics and two with Linen Cuirass'. Henceforth these two units will be refered to as team Tunic and team Cuirass, this chap represents team Tunic. I had already given them two thin coats of citadel Skull White as an underwash. After which I painted their tunics Scab Red. Once everything had dried I slapped some Scorched Earth Brown on the belts, boots and beards, Dwarf Bronze on the helmet and boss and edging of the shield, Elf flesh for his legs, face and hands and Boltgun medal on the tip of the spear.I am likely going to pick out some spots that I missed after he dries and am likely going to drop some brown ink on his boots and some black on his beard, add some variety to his pallette of brown.

I am currently having a major internal debate whether to make team Tunic as regular strength African Spearmen, or the medium foot fighting Peoni Foot. Add the fact that this option is present on both the Early and Late Carthaginian lists, and since I intend to give myself the option to field either/or with one pool of models, (Punic and Sicilian wars both seem interesting) and the conundrum gets harder. As it stands now I am 76% or so percent likely to make them medium foot. Although that makes it harder for me to make a legal either Early or Late Carthage list, it does seem like a very useful unit long term. And rounding out my non-Roman equiped vetern Spearmen with units of Liby-Phoencian Spearmen would fit the theme and composition of both lists rather nicely.

Took a whole bunch of pics, with different lighting settings and levels of Lampdom, I figure the following are the best of them, not sure how well they turned out but lets take a peak shall we.

Fingers crossed that this works.................

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