Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Current Muster

Got home late from a busy day and was still rocking a blood caffeine level of .8 so I thought I would use this unbudgeted block of high alertness, low motor skills time for something useful. Immediately disregarding that goal I decided to instead remind myself of how useless my cameraphone is not just as a phone, but also as a camera. I then proceeded to go a little Paparazzi on my army as it stands now.

The above are two shots of.....ummm.....some....that almost turned out.

Of course it is still shy of the prerequisite Command bases (x2), Camp and Gallic/Spanish heavy horse (also x2), it is almost playable, and doesn't look half bad set up beside each other. I think its because if you place poorly painted models with poorly painted models, you don't notice the poorly painted models as much. The overall lack of quality adds to the consistent feel of the whole piece.

Thankfully I already have the few models I need to finish off the army, aside from the Camp which I might make from scratch. I am certain that doing the 2 command bases next is the priority, as in completing them I make my army playable if not legal. Best part of that is I can split it in half and play a friend. That being stated if I can get these done by mid-august I can play my ex-patriot amigo when he returns briefly from Japan. He is the only person that I have played FoG with at this point so I think I would prefer to stumble through it with him again before embarrassing myself in public.

If your curious it weighs in at 352 pts.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Suprise BG !!!!

Or not, but I finished Team Linen Cuirass a couple days ago. Painting was pretty sporadic, and I have given up on my camera phone being little more than half of a phone, so as such there was no WIP shots. Furthermore I took the pics myself and even with Ella's editing they look like crap, or possibly less than crap. It's also worth mentioning that I think I am on to the solution to my basing problems, but I will get into that in greater detail after a couple more experiments.

The shot above is (of course) another sunset off of my balcony, I love city living.
Longer post and better pics coming shortly, just been awhile since I had posted.
Take care.