Monday, December 14, 2009

White out

Snowed today, it being winter and my living in Canada doesn't really make this that odd, but none the less I felt inspired and decided to make good use of some free time and get onto some Carthaginians. The lighting was great too. So in a rare frenzy of motivations I cleaned and undercoated 50 spearmen and 6 infantry command, took two coats of citadel skull white, and since I didn't think that using a sprayed undercoat would be a very good idea it took a while. Well to be honest living in an apartment, undercoating by hand is less hassle for me than spraying, and I worry about it graining out on these little wee men. But so far I like working in this scale, their is a good balance of fine and blunt detail, I say blunt detail in a manner similar to good theatre, the kind of visual cue that you can see from the back of the house but remains understated. Two good examples of this are the shields which I really like, and mostly, the beards. Because I have one and they rock.

While cleaning these little chaps up I noticed that about half had linen armour and the other half had only tunics. Sweet, at two poses per attire option that gives me two visually distinct Battlegroups. When and if I add a third Battlegroup of protected spear I was thinking of going with the Old Glory 15s Libyphoenician Spearmen. Only bad thing about it is now I tempted to model the tunic guys up on medium foot bases as Peoni foot. Thankfully the models are low enough in price that its only half deluded to do both. (insert evil laugh here)

As far as painting goes I really like Carthaginian soldiers on the Rise of Rome cover, although he seems to be having a bad day the guy getting Pilum-ed in the lead elephant looks rather dapper. Else where on the cover, and page 26 of Immortal Fire dark red tunics seem to be the going style. That's nice as it matches my 40k army. So I am going to go with red tunics for both BGs and white linen army for the one that is apparently better funded. Maybe they are in the Navy.

Will do some more research on the shield, but I am not the best painter so they will likely be rather simple. Will continue to use Citadel paints as I already have them and will use inks to add details, but I am not trying to over reach with my painting and won't likely be going for crazy details.

Didn't really think base coated miniatures warranted a pic yet so hold on until I get some base coats on them.


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