Friday, January 15, 2010

She who must be obeyed

With the lighting being so good right now I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a couple of portraits of my cat Emma Goldman. She is a 5 and half year old rescue cat from the SPCA in Port Alberni, they said she was rescued from a "situation of abuse and neglect" from a Native Reserve on Vancouver Island, she was the saddest cat in the pound that day and since then has been with me. We meet when she was about 6 or so months old, and although she still isn't too cool with me picking her up and hugging her on whims, when she is affectionate it is very sincere. She is too damn smart though, possibly smarter than me, she opens drawers and cupboards, notices and remembers my behaviour patterns to time her escape attempts and seems hopelessly addicted to Greenies brand Cat treats. She also plays fetch, either with me or alone and has been trained to walk with a harness so that we can hang out together in the park. I asked her if she wanted her photo taken and these two shots represent a typical response from my cat to most of my requests whatever the subject.

With the Cat, my snowboard and some spare sheets of plasticard and wood for hobbying this picture really sums up my life, throw in my guitar, skateboard, a Clash album, a Canucks poster and some curry and you got all I need in life. Her being asleep and taking up more of my bed than I can squeeze my 6'4" 190 pound frame beside is pretty typical of her goals too.

Up next on the project chopping block is painting up the command section (ie: Officer, Standard Bearer and Musician) for team Tunic and then I will tuck into the chaps in those dapper Linen Cuirass'.

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