Friday, January 15, 2010

Team Tunic painting complete

So I knuckled down and finished painting team Tunic. Every last one of them got all the necessary touch ups, and an extra coat of white and red. The final idea of an extra coat for the last two colours was an excellent move, even drying they seem considerably richer and deeper. I am rather tempted to give them a bit of ink but have to look into it more.

I have found a method of holding these models and moving them as they dry, I stick a glob of mactac on top of a paint pot and away I go. Went model by model changing colours each "lap" and feel like I made good time, although this is the largest unit I have ever painted before and the first one in this scale so what do I know.

Will try and take some pics, and am again wondering whether or not to model/base them as heavy or medium foot. The Eternal debate, but enough of my ranting I will take a couple quick pics.

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