Thursday, December 10, 2009

Early stages of advanced Hubris

So it has been many years since I last blogged, but with my ever growing love of Field of Glory (a Historical Miniature tabletop wargame) and my ongoing affair with Warhammer 40 ooo (a SciFi one) I finally had the motivation to start blogging again. My name is a reference to a term a friend of mine threw across a table during a game of 40k, but I replaced his word choice with lazy as I felt it was both more marketable and accurate. I decided on this blog template cause my old one of white on black made me crosseyed, and this one looks sufficiently ancient. Reminescent of a scroll in my eyes, which I hope will help establish some vague attempt at tone.

As for myself I am a plumber living in Vancouver Canada, with my loyal and often disapproving familiar Emma who currently disguises herself as 5 year old rescue cat from the wilds of Vancouver Island. We have a nice enough place with an unparralleled view of the Harbour, Mountains and Stanley Park. Been playing Nerdgames since grade 4 when a member of the chessclub brought in an issue of White Dwarf and asked us if we were interested in playing D&D. Since then I have played maybe a dozen games of chess. I have nothing against chess, just prefer games with more freedom of movement and less predictability.

Recently my gaming group split up and moved to Seattle, San Diego, Australia and Japan, leaving little old me alone with no group. Rather than whining about it I thought I would use it to motivate me to finally finish a FoG army (after at last settling my internal scale debate), and eventually get through an incredible back log of 40k models. However if anyone reading this lives in the Vancouver area and plays 3.5 D&D email me immediately. Sorry no 4th edition please, its too simple, too much like WoW and as such I am not at all interested.

Well I guess thats a decent enough intro rant, time to start on a more specific one.

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