Saturday, December 12, 2009

40k in a smaller scale.....

Keeping with my ongoing goal of living my entire life in poor taste I thought I would throw down a 40k list. My friends and I have always had fun playing with smaller lists, but on regular sized boards (ie: 6x4), if you can only game once or twice a month its sometimes as nice to play two small games in one night rather than one large. Espeacially if your involved in a map based campaign, something which my old 40k group did which was awesome fun. It went for months (longer than we had hoped), but then a baby happened and the only results we could see was that your really didn't want to live on that planet.

So I was flipping through my notebook (or rather the one I just filled) trying to find a guitar riff I came up with awhile ago, and I came across a list that was the result of much playtesting and had proven results. Its only 1000 pts and doesn't have any vehicles (other than 2 rhinos) but it is still fairly mobile and has enough firepower and close combat prowess to adapt to most situations. It has done quite well in regular battles as well as doing very very well in Cityfights, which leads me to believe that it might just have a shallow learning curve in Planetstrike, which I own but have yet to play.

As you may have deduced I am a chaos player, and I have been for likely almost 20 years, I used to have an eldar army in 2nd edition, but stuck with Chaos for their tactical flexibility and low model count, which helped make them affordable. I personally don't and doubt any others do agree with the Chaos faction of the 40k Mythology's goals or morality, but their fluff is delicious. I went from custom chapter, to repainted black legion (don't ever, ever do that), and have now come up with a cool piece of fluff for an army I have been tinkering with for long enough to be embarrassing.

But I will save my fluff for another post, onto the list.


Lord of Khorne
- Mark of Khorne, lightening Claws, wings, meltabombs.
- 155 pts.


T1: 10 Chaos Space Marines.
- Lascannon (meow), plasma gun.
- 185 pts.

T2: 8 Khornate Berzerkers.
- Trooper with Plasma Pistol.
- Champion with Powerfist.
- Rhino.
- 258 pts.

T3: 8 Khornate Berzerkers.
- Trooper with Plasma Pistol.
- Champion with Powerfist.
- Rhino.
- 258 pts.

Fast Attack:

5 Raptors.
- Champ with Powerfist.
- 140 pts.

Grand total: 996 pts.

3 scoring units.
5 kill points.
32 models.

Ok so alot of people might look at this list and think I just suffered a concussion. That I can't even see the obvious fact that this is an blatant case of over powered units with not enough bodies spread around. But with 32 guys in power armour, half of which are fearless I am not too worried.

I suppose I could split T1 up and just give them both plasma guns, but I don't see that being a step forward. T1's job is to either deploy well and start shooting or move to a good spot and start shooting. The plasma gun shooting on the move helps ease the pain of watching 20 pts walk across the table. Eight rapid firing bolters isn't too bad either. I also think that the most survivable way for my army to field lascannons is in infantry squads. I am a big fan of units of havocs with them, but need the 3rd scoring unit more.

I handed the plasma pistols to troopers in the two identical Berzerker squads as losing 60 pts to a "Gets hot" result has happened and isn't something I am even considering doing again. The Raptors are a good backfield threat, like a defensemen with a hard slapshot, and with their deepstriking are able to deal with artillery or soft gooey bits in an enemys army.

My seemingly budget HQ choice is actually quite the threat solo or with the Raptors (two deepstriking units helps). He hearts tanks, HQs and infantry, he has so many hugs.

Rhinos do what they do, and then become hurdles.

Feel free to comment on this and any other lists or rants that I post here.

Games on, Go Canucks Go !!!!

Oh yeah we just scored while I was proofreading !!!!!!!

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