Thursday, January 20, 2011

Punic HQ complete

Well I just put down the brush on the HQ requirement of my Field of Glory army. I made three bases, which is all I really see myself needing, if I do go for a 4th HQ it will likely come with an allied force.

The first one you have already seen, is a generic Punic commander with appropriate Carthaginian cavalrymen accompanying him. In hindsight this base (and all the others I entered in the painting comp, sigh) has way, way, way too much static grass, but if you account for my clumsiness this problem may resolve itself.

The first of the new ones is a Corvus Belli Numidian Cavalry Command blister painted up to with the commander in Punic skin tone and his attendants representing Numidian veteran cavalrymen. This will be field or troop commander who will likely run the odd flanking maneuver and hopefully pulling off a decent Maharbal impersonation. I figure the subordinate commander is the guy overseeing the reconnaissance missions so he might as well bring the best people for it with him. Bonus part of painting these guys as such is I can paint another blister up entirely as Numidians and use them as an allied HQ, not only would they look distinct enough to avoid confusion they would also save me 5 points. Sweet.

The final base took months, I guess it's my centerpiece and I definitely over thought ever step of the way. Stepping back and putting down the brush was a huge hobby epiphany for me. In all honesty I have been poking at this base since the Comp. And that was before Thanksgiving, Canadian Thanksgiving !!!! (October 11th this year), and I still have to wait for their glue to dry before I even start basing them. For these guys I pulled out all the stops. Top of the line White and Black horses, seasonal and stylish Gallic noblemen as bodyguards and I even greenstuffed up an Eye patch to make the man himself, Hannibal Barca. Or failing that (in situations not specific to the 2nd Punic War) they can easily jump in as another one eyed Punic General, (Regulus? Too soon?) and stand out from the other 2 chaps. The greenstuff was a pain, it but almost worked.

Pictures to come tomorrow when there is better light, but it's after midnight here in Southwest Canada, so good night for now and take care.

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