Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 Year in Review

So a little over a year in and the often neglected blog is still alive, a fern on the balcony watered weeks apart yet somehow slowly blooming. As the name of this blog implies I didn't at all expect it to last this long, but 13 months later it is still here. Clocking in at 43 posts that's an average of 3.3ish per month, that's a bit more than I even thought I was posting. As a plumber in the service end of the industry, I never know how late I will be working, always start before dawn and often have issues with hand fatigue/injuries that stand in the way of painting and/or more cerebral brain functions, but with my newly founded 3.5 D&D group neither of those attributes will be required so there is likely to be a flood of D&D content once the group gets rolling.

With a years worth of hindsight comes some introspection and here is some of the more positive aspects of blogging and some areas I would like to improve on.

Things to improve on and about this blog:

  • More posting.
  • More painting.
  • More gaming.
  • More scenery.
  • Going to add some product reviews.

Things that make me love this blog:

  • The motivation it proved even though I went until December before I found a gaming group, this is key cause even though I was basically gaming in a vacuum it still was a blast.
  • Finding and enjoying other blogs from gamers worldwide.
  • The sense of community with other bloggers with similar interests worldwide.
  • The hits I get from the oddest places. Hola Columbia !!!

Sure I didn't finish the Carthage army in a year, but I didn't rush it, painted better than I thought I was able and quite surprisingly entered a painting comp !!! Sure I only got a couple of games in and none of them were of even normal size, but I did play some sweet new boardgames and have a new D&D group on the go so all in all it was a good year.

Goals for next year are to keep adding to the Carthage army (maybe some Spanish troops would be in order), and start another army. I have narrowed it down to two choices, a Late Republican Roman army that I may model up as the 9th and 10th legions, or a Middle Republican Roman army as an in period pairing for my burgeoning Carthaginian army. Tough call but all three of the those armies can share a lot of troops (ie: Numidians, Gallic Horse, Spanish), and I can easily see myself having a Roman army from both periods. To be honest I want a Roman Army from almost all periods. Cost and availability may be a the deciding factor.

All in all a great year and an even better start.


  1. Get Scutarii for your Carthaginians. They`re effective, cheap and very in Stillmanian for your force.

  2. Oh absolutely, and I can field them with whatever era of Republican Roman list I choose. I have proxied blank Medium foot bases for many different MF options and the drilled Scutarii in the Carthage and Sertorius list seem to be quite the deal at their point cost. Come to think of it they can show up as individual mercenary units or allied contingents in a lot of armies.

    Good to know there is still a small pagan shrine of the Stillmanian faith in Japan.