Monday, June 14, 2010

Elephantitis day 3 - More pics and some ranting

So 3 days in and I am making great progress. I can't stress how much easier undercoating in Snakebite Leather has made this, not only that but the colours come on much more realistically and evenly. I used this opportunity to experiment a bit and painted up the Mahouts in a similar manner of skin tone as my Numidians. This was the best result, their skill looks far less patchy than my previous attempts. Love it.

But I must admit to a mistake, since I had two elephant head designs and intended to make two Battlegroups, I figured I would split the head designs between them and paint one BGs elephant saddle blankets blue and the other red. However on Saturday I woke up to watch the World Cup at 4 am and was still rather tired, and painted each head design in a matching colour. Not to fear, I have since repainted one of each brown and will then repaint them the correct colour.

My only concerns at this point are my continued difficulty with basing and how to make spear tips for wire spears. Thinking greenstuff.

Making better time than I thought I would though and am a little surprised.

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