Friday, June 18, 2010

Elepantitis cured !!! Replaced by Boneitis !!!

Well it was down to the wire but they are done, admittedly that's assuming that my basing experiment (ie: Basingfailure 1.5 ed.) worked. I added a few drops of my Ramones grade model glue to my usual potion of quicksand, and when I got back tonight it appeared to be holding good but I am not messing with it until its had a day to cure.

None the less this little experiment was a blast. It motivated me to get a BG done under a deadline and I honestly didn't think I could get one done that fast. That being said, as much as I like this pace I don't think I will be setting a 7 day goal again. I cherry picked when in my week to start them instead of just starting them, which in a longer view of things is not good practice. One thing that I find quite funny about this little experiment was my initial delusion that this would be a quick and easy build. No sir, I spent entire days waiting for glue to dry, and that hurt the deadline, and this unit wasn't particularly easy to paint either despite my hopes. I do think that when I use Ella's camera (or better yet get her to take the shots) you will see a readily apparent improvement of my painting skills. The skin texture of the Elephants was a real fun challenge to paint, I think they look awesome.

Next on the plate is the other half of my giant bag of Carthaginian citizen spearmen, team tunic. I won't be putting a timer on this BG but I think I could get them done in less time than the elephants, opportunity permitting.

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