Thursday, February 18, 2010

Team Tunic ready for basing pt:2 The Typing......

Evening hope you are well.

As you can see by the title of the last two posts and the photos below Team Tunic is completely painted and done. They only need to be flocked, but they are still drying so I am not pushing my luck. I even have 6 extra dudes to use in a camp or command diarama. It took me awhile to just say ok and put them down and not keep touching them up. Its important to remember when building miniatures for wargaming that they are supposed viewed from a table which is basically alittle more than arms length. With this in mind it isn't just a matter of stepping back from over detailing a mini, but to also project the details like an unmiked actor on stage.

Admitatly this is my very first attempt into 15mm models, and there is at least an outside chance that I will be embarrassed by them in year. But I thouroughly enjoy working in 15mm, its more rythmic and as a result suprisingly meditative. It covers your mistakes, and doesn't ask alot for attention to detail, but still is impressive when ranked up and very rewarding. But I am alittle intimdated by the next units Linen Cuirasses and the Celts being clothed entirly in plaid, and as such have decided to paint 4 bases of Elephants. Yup Elephants, got them on sale with a gift certificate 4 in the bag for $15 thats cheaper than the website. They are huge with big broad angles and surfaces, many textures to play with and guys in Hoodahs with crazy long pikes. I already started knocking them together and will get at them as soon as I am able.

I will also endevour to take better pics when the basing is done.
Take care.

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