Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Late Republican Roman list.

As you may or may not know, brewing up crackpot armylists is one of my favourite aspects of the hobby. I don't like it nearly as much as playing, but it is ahead of painting although no where near as rewarding. And since I can't sleep tonight I brewed up a list to help get my eyelids heavy. So here is a Late Republican Roman list at 800pts (which seems to be the going rate for tourneys and pick up games alike), when entering the hobby I was really tempted by this army and am quite sure that they will be my second list, soon as I am done my Carthage list. Although the Carthage list was settled on cause I could actually get them in a store, I am very glad I did start with them as the variety of troop types and cultures represented within their ranks will make for a more interesting army to build and learn the game with. In hind sight the Romans would be alot easier to paint, haha.

Anyway here is what I came up with.


Inspired commander, two Troop Commanders and a pre-requisite Fortified Camp.
Grand Total: 174 pts

- Inspired might be over kill but I like the idea of an initiative bonus.
- Two Troop Commanders seems like a good idea too, with all the different types of movement.
- I don't mind Fortified Camp eating up 24 pts in the least.
- Not only is it historically accurate, I would likely spend the points anyway.

Core Troops:

2 BGs of Elite Legionairies.
- 4 bases each
Grand Total: 136 pts

- Don't care if this is overkill, these BGs are a primary motivation for playing this army.

3 BGs of Superior Legionairies.
- 4 bases each
Grand total: 168 pts

- Can't ever get too much of an almost as good a thing.

2 BG of Armoured, Superior Heavy Cavalry.
- 4 bases each
Total: 128 pts

- Again extra points on upgrades seem worth it, shame they aren't drilled.

One BG of Javelinmen.
- 6 bases
total: 24 pts

- If you have to pick either these gents, slingers or archers as a core choice, you might as well get guys that can strike at a distance and in melee.

Optional Troops:

One BG of Light Cavalry.
- Light Spears and Javelins.
- 4 bases
total: 28 pts

- Extra horse, fragile but mobile, able to strike far and in melee.

One BG of Cretan Archers.
- 4 bases
total: 24 pts

- Not a bad price for some crack shots, drilled too.

One BG of Syrian Horse archers.
- 4 bases
total 32pts

- Cause I am bound to face horse archers, it might be fun to have some.

2 BGs of Thureophoroi
- 6 bases each.
84 pts total.

- Quality MF and Offensive Spear and drilled to boot.
- Love Old Glories models.
- No idea how to pronounce this word.

20 bases of awesome to better than awesome Heavy foot.
12 bases of quality drilled, Medium foot. Two mobile, terrain dancing scrapers.
18 bases of shooting,
-8 of which is mounted,
-10 can fight and shoot
-(4 of which are mounted)
16 bases of horse.
-That and the inspired commander give me a plus 2 in initiative. You don't get that action until 4th level as a mage in D&D. Party on Wayne....

My math is usually suspect at best, but if I am right I am actually two points short of 800, which seems frugal enough. The list is a bit scattered, with troops of many different use and capabilities but I feel there is enough duplication in these Battlegroups individual tasks that a workable (read: Mad enough) plan may emerge. Admittedly I do suspect only having 20 bases of Legionairies is close to the lower limit of what is likely wise at this point level only use will tell. What this army does sacrifice in bashing power it makes up in uncharacteristic mobility, and what heavy foot it does have seems to be among the best in its period.

Fun thought experiment if nothing else.

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