Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Team Tunic pics, son of typing.

Evening, hope this post finds you well. Canada advanced to the next round of Olympic hockey so I am pretty happy myself, thanks for asking. My friend Ella came over to watch the game with me today and she brought her Camera. After some initial mess ups with me embarrassing myself with it, she took over and snapped some amazing pics. She selected the top 11 and emailed them to me after some cropping, and I threw them on as soon as I could. I jury rigged up a craptacular background by bending a sheet of computer paper and bracing it with a tube containing vinyl record cleaning equipment. I hope it helps the light look more like, well, light.

Ok so they still need static grass, and the basing gets kinda watery in spots but all and all I am happy with the results, and more than a little surprised. My motor skills have never been my strong suit, and for baby steps this is a pretty good start. I really like the fact that this unit can easily pull double duty in a Early or Late Carthage army, as I secretly wish to try both. And as for the static grass, this is my first time using it and as such will try it out a couple of times before putting it on the miniatures.

So there they are my first Field of Glory Battlegroup, more to come. If I can find the drill bits for my wee drill then the elephants will be next, but failing that I will go for Team Linen Cuirass.

But then again, there is all this sweet hockey over the next couple days........

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