Monday, April 25, 2011

Spanish Bombs

Hello again, sorry for the long delay between posts, but I recently finished some schooling, so I was more than a little busy for a good month or so.

Since then I have been able to get a little more work done on my Carthaginian army. Playtesting with blank bases has lead me to believe that drilled medium foot are an excellent option if they can be fielded in units with some close combat competence. The drilled Mercenary Scutarii option in the Carthage list seemed to fit that bill well and playtesting produced encouraging results. So during a recent purchase from the lovely folks at 50 Paces I scooped up enough Scutarii to build my lists maximum 12 bases. Once again the quality of Corvus Belli models astounds me, and these have been a pleasure to paint.

I also upgraded my phone to a smart phone and its camera has a macro mode, so I snapped off a couple in progress shots when the light was good to see how things look. It will likely take some practice to get photographing my miniatures dialed but now that I have better equipment I think that will be a fun process.

Here you can see both of the battlegroups stuck on Popsicle sticks a couple of coats in. I intend to paint these chaps up in simple matching tunics. Sure many of these men would have had different coloured tunics, but the going theory seems to be that unbleached linen tunics with red or purple trim where the most common. Since there is a bit of debate as to whether the purple was really purple or rather a scarlet, I figured I would paint one Battlegroup in each.

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