Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Painting contest thus far

Afternoon folks I hope this post finds you well.

Sorry for the delay between updates but life threw a couple of curve balls at me lately and circumstance dictated my attentions be else where. If your curious, I was laid off and then got a chest cold so bad it damaged my lungs. September has been so fun, but at least Hockey is starting soon. I also got to escape to a friends cabin in the Mountains of British Columbia, it was calming and nearly as spiritual as the unintended spirtquests my medication was sending me on a couple weeks ago.

In between all that drama I did manage to work on my first Command base which is one of the 5 bases I will be submitting to the contest. I put infinitely more time on these chaps than ANY single model I have thus far in my 20 + years of gaming. Untold amounts of careful inking and dry brushing went into these bad boys, and by my estimate they are nearly done.

Yesterday Ella swung by and snapped off some pics, and since she not only has a better camera, but actually knows what she is doing with it, I think they turned out pretty sweet. Next step is figuring who else is going with the Command base, thinking one elephant, one base of team Linen Cuirass, one of Numidian horse, and then I don't know maybe another base of the Linen chaps to add depth to the presentation of their unit, or possibly a base of Numidian Skirmishers.

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